Properties & methods

Array.cast( )
Cast a variable to an array
Array.likeArray( )
Is the given variable an array-like object?
Array.range( )
Create an array containing arithmetic progressions
Array#clean( )
Remove certain elements from an array
Array#clip( )
Clip the values inside the array
Array#closest( )
Get the closest numeric value inside an array
Array#createIterator( )
Create an iterator for this array
Array#exclusive( )
Get all the values that are either in the first or in the second array, but not in both
Array#fill( )
Fill all the elements of the array from a start index to an end index with a static value
Array#first( )
Return the first value of the array
Array#flatten( )
Flatten the array by returning a single-dimensional copy
Array#include( )
Include an array (or multiple arrays) at the given index
Array#insert( )
Insert item at the given index
Array#last( )
Return the last value of the array
Array#max( )
Get the highest value inside the array
Array#min( )
Get the lowest value inside the array
Array#move( )
Move an array element from one array position to another
Array#shared( )
Get the shared value between the 2 arrays
Array#sortByPath( )
Sort by given paths
Array#subtract( )
Get the values from the first array that are not in the second array
Array#sum( )
Create the sum of all the values inside the array
Array#unique( )
Get all the unique values and return them as a new array