Properties & methods

Object.alike( )
Loosely compare 2 variables, ignoring undefined variables
Object.assign( )
Inject the enumerable properties of one object into another target object
Object.checksum( )
Calculate the checksum for the given value
Object.dissect( )
Like Object.divide, but key and value both become properties
Object.divide( )
Create a new object for every key-value and wrap them in an array
Object.each( )
Iterate over an object's properties
Object.exists( )
See if the given path exists inside an object, even if that value is undefined
Object.flatten( )
Flatten an object
Object.getValueKey( )
Get the key of a value in an array or object
Object.hasProperty( )
See if a key exists in an object or array
Object.hasValue( )
Check if the value exists in an object or array
Object.isEmpty( )
Determine if the object is empty
Object.isObject( )
Check if the argument is actually an object
Object.isPlainObject( )
Check if the argument is a plain object
Object.isPrimitive( )
Check if the argument is a primitive
Object.isPrimitiveObject( )
Check if the argument is the object form of a primitive
Object.map( )
Map an object
Object.objectify( )
Convert an array into an object
Object.path( )
Get the value of the given property path
Object.setPath( )
Create a path in an object
Object.size( )
Get the size (length) of any given variable
Object.values( )
Get an array of the object values